- Best practice to customize EBS Workflows -

Oracle Workflow is embedded in Oracle Application/E-Business Suite to automate and streamline business processes. Oracle supports to extend or customize the seeded workflows to meet the customer requirements. Oracle Workflow Builder is used to modify an existing business process without changing its application's code. Oracle Workflow also allows extending/customizing workflow processes as business rules changes.

Following customization guidelines helps the implementation team to ensure standard and safe design and development practices for easy maintenance and upgrading/patching.

Customization Guidelines
  • Test the unmodified seeded workflow on a test database and ensure that it runs successfully with the setup and data specific to your environment.
  • Identify the Workflow Builder version used in Oracle Applications and install the same.
  • Refer to the product-specific User's Guide and any documentation update, available on MetaLink/document library, for the specific workflow of interest. These documentation sources specifically mention what should NOT be modified. Oracle Support Services will not support modifications to any object that is specifically documented as not modifiable.
  • Gradually build in customizations step-by-step, and test the customized workflow after each step.
  • Keep in mind the future requirments and then do the customization/extension like keeping additional dummy processes and attributes.
  • When creating PL/SQL procedures, conform to the standard PL/SQL API templates documented in the Oracle Workflow Guide. Be sure to handle exceptions in the event of an error so you can track down the procedure where the error has occurred.
  • Do not implement the customized workflow in production without fully ensuring that it works successfully on a test database, which is a replica of your production setup.
  • Verify that all setups have been completed as documented in the Oracle Workflow Guide, and the product-specific User's Guides.

What are Not Supported

The following types of customizations are not supported:

  • Modifying a workflow object that has a protection level that is less than 100.
  • Altering a workflow object's protection level if its original protection level is less than 100.
  • Modifying your access level to an unauthorized level of less than 100 for the purpose of modifying workflow objects that are protected at levels less than 100.
  • Customizations that are explicitly documented as being UNSUPPORTED in the seeded workflow's product-specific User's Guide or documentation update notes.
  • Manual modifications of Workflow tables with a prefix of WF_ or FND_ unless it is documented in the Oracle Workflow Guide or is required by Oracle Support Services.
  • Modifying the APIs used unless it is documented as supported.

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