Oracle Enterprise Scheduler

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler (ESS) is an application plugged into Fusion Applications to define, schedule and run different types of jobs and do advance scheduling. This functions similar to Concurrent Manager/Program in EBS, but with lot more new functionalities and of course with more user friendly navigations.

Oracle Enterprise Scheduler lets you to
  • Run various jobs, supports PL/SQL, Java and other binary processes
  • Distribute job request processing across a grid of application servers
  • Group job requests into job sets, like request set in EBS
  • Schedule & Automate job requests based on recurrence expressions
  • Support sophisticated scheduling and workload management
  • Schedule a future time for a step in a business flow for business process management
  • Also to extend the standard application to manage job request submissions
Refer Fusion Applications Developer's Guide for Oracle Enterprise Scheduler document to learn more about this.

Extensible Flexfield (EFF)

Extensible Flexfield (EFF) is a new feature added in Fusion Application with existing Descriptive & Key Flexfields. It is similar to descriptive flexfield, but with the ability to add as many context-sensitive segments (attributes) to a flexfield as they need.

Some of the key benefits using Extensible Flexfields are
  1. Number of configurable segments are not fixed unlike fixed number of segments in DFF
  2. Attributes can be grouped into one or more attribute groups (ie contexts) rather than only one in DFF
  3. EFF supports one-to-many relationships between the row and the extended attribute rows
  4. Improved access controls than using DFF. It is possible to control the view and edit the attributes based on the context configurations.
To know more about this, refer Fusion Application Developer’s Guide & Extensibility Guide.