How to use ADF in E-Business Suite?

Oracle recently announced the different types of supported integration between EBS and ADF.

1. Integration to EBS using the Oracle SOA Suite and Application Development Framework 11g (ADF 11g). This type of integration typically uses the AppsDataSource feature but no other parts of EBS SDK.
2. Launch ADF Application from EBS, in this case the Oracle ADF user interface is launched from EBS home page. There is no further user interface interaction from ADF application with EBS.
3. Integration that allows users to move back and forth between the ADF user interface and EBS. For example, a user could go to an ADF page from an OA Framework page and back again, or ADF components could be embedded into an OAF page. This requires some context being shared between OAF and ADF, as well as session management between the two systems.

However option 2 and 3 supported only from R12, 3rd one is still not fully supported. For more detailed information refer Oracle Support Document (1296491.1).