Single BPEL Process for Multiple Operations using Pick Activity

Usually we will create individual BPEL Processes for each Operation in either synchronous or asynchronous. This blog will help to build single BPEL Process for more than one Operation for exceptional cases like requesting system might have restricted number of adapters or ports to connect to other systems. This can be done using Pick activity.

  1. Get target system WSDL file
  2. Create Empty Project
  3. Create Partner Link for the WSDL file
  4. Select Pick Activity and drag and drop into Process
  5. Don’t forget to select Create Instance check box in Pick activity
  6. Add OnMessage Branch as much as the number of Operations as you have
  7. Go to any one OnMessage. Select Partner Link created, select the Operation and create Local Request Variable.
  8. Add activities and partner links you wanted for the selected operation
    Finally add Reply/Callback activity based on type of Operation.
  9. Repeat this for all remaining Operations
  10. Deploy into BPEL Server
  11. Initiate the process from where ever you want. Note that this process can not be initiated from 10g BPEL Console. May be this is a bug.

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