How BPEL OA Adapter connect to Oracle EBS?

In this article, I listed the steps to setup the connection factory for OA Adapter to connect to EBS. There are two major portions in this setup.

  1. JDBC Resource Setups
  2. AppsAdapter (ie OA Adapter) Connection Factory Setups

JDBC setups need to be completed first…

  1. Get Database TNS Entry and APPS schema password
  2. Login as Application Server Enterprise Manager (eg: oc4jadmin) and click oc4j_soa (default OC4J Instance)
  3. Go to Administrator tab and click JDBC Resources Go to Task icon
  4. Create new Connection Pool by giving name and URL. Follow the URL syntax carefully
  5. Enter Credential user as APPS and its password and then test the connection
  6. If test connection is success then create Data Source.
  7. Select Data Source Type as Managed Data Source. Enter data source name and JNDI location. JNDI Location can be start with jdbc/NAME to maintain the consistency.
  8. Note down the JNDI Name, it will be used while defining Connection Factory.
  9. Select the above created Connection Pool and test the connection.

Now we can to use this JDBC Resource in OA Adapter Connection Factory Setups.

  1. Go to Applications tab in oc4j_soa OC4J Instance
  2. Select view as Modules (Default is Applications)
  3. Select AppsAdapter Module and go to Connection Factories tab
  4. Create new Connection Factory. Give meaningful JNDI Location. It can start with eis/Apps/NAME. For example eis/Apps/EBS.
  5. Enter xADataSourceName as JDBC JNDI Name just created.

Now OA Adapter can be used in BPEL Process. Make sure same JNDI Name is entered when Partner Link is created for OA Adapter in JDeveloper.

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