Responsibilities using Concurrent Program

We know to use any Concurrent Program first it needs to be added to the Request Group and Request Group needs to be attached to Responsibility. Then we can able to submit the program using program request form.

One program can be attached to many Request Groups. Again Request Group can be attached to many Responsibilities. Because of One-Many-Many relationship, it is very difficult to find out responsibilities using particular concurrent program in UI forms.

But we can get the list from database using the following SQL...

fnd_concurrent_programs_vl FCP
,fnd_request_group_units FRU
,fnd_request_groups FRG
,fnd_responsibility_vl FRS
WHERE FCP.concurrent_program_name = (Program_Name)
AND FRU.request_unit_id = FCP.concurrent_program_id
AND FRG.application_id = FRU.application_id
AND FRG.request_group_id = FRU.request_group_id
AND FRS.group_application_id = FRG.application_id
AND FRS.request_group_id = FRG.request_group_id

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