Steps to activate User Preferred Time Zone Support

From release 11.5.10 CU2, EBS introduced new feature called User Preferred Time Zone Support. Ie each user can specify their time zone preference, and the system will honor this preference for display and entry of date with time fields. Before 11.5.10 CU2, end users had to interact with the system in time zone set at database level.

To activate this feature following steps to be true or setup properly.

  • Database should be Oracle RDBMS 9i or higher
  • Environment variable ORA_TZFILE must be configured to use the time zone file timezlrg.dat rather than timezone.dat (Note: database needs to be restarted if this environment is changed).
  • The database must be started in the standard corporate time zone
  • Profile Server Timezone (SERVER_TIMEZONE_ID) must be set at the Site level, and must be set to the same standard corporate time zone as the database
  • Profile Client Timezone (CLIENT_TIMEZONE_ID) must be set at the user level
  • Profile Enable Timezone Conversions (ENABLE_TIMEZONE_CONVERSIONS) must be set to Yes at the Site level
  • Profile Concurrent: Multiple Time Zones (CONC_MULTI_TZ) should be set to No at the Site level
  • Environment variable FORMS60_APPSLIBS must be set in the Forms tier with APPS standards libraries like APPCORE FNDSQF APPDAYPK...

For more details, refer User Preferred Time Zone Support Documents and metalink notes 330075.1 & 340512.1.

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