- XML Publisher Report in EBS -

Oracle XML Publisher is a new Java based product available within the technology stack of the EBS. It provides users with a template-based, easy-to-use publishing solution based on standard well-known technologies and tools. So users can take advantage of it easily to rapidly develop and maintain report formats.

This document helps for buddies who developing his first XML Publisher Report. Follow these steps to register your XML Publisher Report in EBS.

  1. Attach "XML Publisher Administrator" responsibility to APPS User
  2. Develop simple report; register it in EBS like standard concurrent program. Make sure that the Output Format is set as 'XML'. Pls note that Oracle Reports will be obsolete in coming EBS versions. So it is advisable to use Data Templates rather than Oracle Reports. If you use Data Templates then no need to have Report Concurrent Program. Refer Developer’s guide for more details.
  3. Add this program to the responsibility; Run the report and download the concurrent program output (XML file) to desktop. This XML will be used as Sample for Template development.
  4. Download patch 5027437 (p5027437_11i_MSWIN.zip) from Metalink and install it in the Desktop OR identify the patch for EBS version that you have and install it.
  5. Open Ms Word. You can see new Template Builder toolbar
  6. Click 'Load XML Data' in Data menu. Give the XML output file that you downloaded from Report Concurrent Program
  7. Use Table/Form wizard to build template to build the layout
  8. Save the file in Rich Text Format (RTF)
  9. Preview the report output from MS Word.
  10. Define new Data Definition (Navigation: XML Publisher Administrator - Data Definitions - Create Data Definition)
    Enter Name, Application, Code, Preview Data (sample XML output file) and Start Date. Make sure the Code and Report Concurrent Program Short Name are same
  11. Define new Template (Navigation: XML Publisher Administrator - Templates - Create Template)
    - Enter Name, Code, Application, Type (make it RTF), Data Definition (select the one you created)
    - Enter the File as the RFT file created
    - Enter Language and Territory

Now XML Publisher Report is registered in EBS and ready to function. This report can be executed in two ways

  • Run the Report concurrent program, note the request ID. Then run the XML Report Publisher concurrent program with the above request id and template as parameter
  • Change Concurrent Program Format to XML and submit the request. Program will pickup the template abd generate the output.

Note that XML Publisher Report strategies and setups are kept on changing. So please refer Oracle XML Publisher Administration and Developer's Guide and Oracle XML Publisher Report Designer's Guide documents with respect to your EBS version if you face any problem to register/run the report.


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